Apple Delights

Apples, pumpkins, and pickles (yes pickles) oh my! We are learning and growing as we harvest this year's bountiful produce selection. While our three-year-olds were busy pickling cucumbers, our four-year-olds visited Chapin Orchard to harvest apples! And we are all looking forward to pumpkin explorations next week!

This week we explored all things apple. Beginning with an apple tasting- our preschool friends tried four kinds of apples: Cox orange, Ruby Red, Honey Crisp, and Granny Smith. The colors varied as much as the flavors! Each child sampled the fruit and used descriptive words to discuss their findings. Children used words like crisp, hard, soft, sweet, sour, and juicy to describe what they were tasting.

Creating apple spirals was a gross motor experience- we used our hands and whole arm to turn a crank. Our apple spiral device removed the core, while peeling our apples. Our efforts allowed us opportunities to determine if our peel is "taller than" or "shorter than" our height.

Our apple explorations continue this week with an apple pie bake and apple sauce!

G. M harvests seeds from apples- practicing his one-to-one
correspondence he determines how many seeds are
inside the apples
S.B enjoys baked apple spirals! After coring and
sprinkling our apple harvest with cinnamon
Chef Michelle helped to bake the apples
for nearly 5 hours before enjoying an afternoon

Ms. Smith is being a good sport when playing the role of the honey bee-
a vital insect that makes our delicious apples possible. 
On the way to Chapin Orchards! We are all smiles!